Welcome to France

Bienvenue ! Travelling in France is a non professional blog designed by people passionate about France. Of course some of them are French and will do the utmost to convince you that France is the best country in the world. Of Course… Others are foreigners, mostly Europeans, all friends, and passionate about “some” aspects of France. The gastronomy, the architecture, the culture… all are items that are very attractive and reasons in themselves to travel to France. But with a twist, some contributors like to put an emphasis on the real France, with strikes the day you are supposed to take that train, or the heartwarming welcome of Parisian waiters. France is a very weird country. It remains attractive probably for the reasons politicians would not want to, such as cheese and wine, instead of dynamism and innovation, but that’s what makes the country appealing and worth travelling to. We love France. The French are not too bad in the end. So please join us and explore our little blog.

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