F1 driving experience

If you like fast cars, you will love this F1 driving experience in France. This is truly amazing. The best thing is you work your way up from a F3 racing car to finally drive the Formula 1. Enjoy a Formula One driving experience in Magny Cours Circuit Club in France. Feel the power and acceleration of a single seater race car. After learning and perfecting your driving techniques on a Formula 3, get onboard a Formula 1 to experience the sensations of a F1 driver. The pilots arrive at 7h45 at the circuit for a welcoming breakfast. You get then the equipment: helmet, suit, gloves, boots… Follows a technical briefing about driving a single seater race car. Drive around the circuit in a saloon car with your instructor to discover the track. Then drive around the circuit in a Formula 3: first series of laps. Individual corrections and advises from your instructor. 2nd series of laps around the circuit in a F3 to correct and perfect your driving skills. Lunch, prepared by the caterer of the circuit.

Follows the big stuff: Formula 1 briefing. Drive around the circuit in a Formula 1. You will get a real challenge as you need to go fast in order to warm up the tires, otherwise you won’t get grip. And this is truly challenging as you need to overcome your fear… 6pm: end of the experience with a cocktail party and delivery of a F1 driving certificate. Circuit : you will drive around the Magny-Cours Club circuit, the newly designed (2001) circuit of 2520m. It offers a complete diversity of curbs, straight lines and chicanes to get the full concept of driving a F1. This experience is totally secure as the environment is clear of obstacles near the track. The cars: Formula 3 race car and authentic F1, with semi-automatic gearbox on the steering wheel. Carbon breaks for powerful braking. Traction control system to reduce the risk of spinning when accelerating too much. Want to know more ? Follow the link >> F1 driving experience France

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